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Journal Nidhogg's Journal: Why 2

Why do you torture me Peyton Manning of 7001 West 56th Street?

You know... I knew better.

I knew better than to root for the forkin' Colts even though I live here.

Mainly I'm a Vikings fan. Have been since I was 10 years old and Indianapolis didn't have a pro team. At that time we all just sort of picked a team to root for.

I just happened to be stupid enough to let it carry over into my adult life. And no I don't wanna discuss what happened during the end of that Cardinals game. I still haven't dealt with that particular trauma.

But the Colts... man.

I watched tham all season. And I was impressed. Well except for that first Denver game but hey they all have off days right? Right?

I watched them dismantle and dominate that same Denver team in the playoffs. VERY impressive performance. Then I watched them deal with KC on the road in Arrowhead, a game I really didn't think they'd win, and then I had this... inkling of belief set in.

"You know.. maybe, just MAYBE, they have a chance at this. Perhaps I can pull for them and they won't disappoint me."

Four, count 'em FOUR interceptions. Three to the same guy. I hate to Monday Morning Quarterback but I think after throwing two to that guy maybe I SHOULDN'T THROW IT OVER THERE ANYMORE.

Sure you can blame the weather, the pressure to win, give credit to New England's defense, etc. Whatever. The Colts didn't show up to play yesterday.

Nidhogg == dumbass

Never again.

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