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Journal shayne321's Journal: Who the hell, in this age, is NOT wearing a seatbelt?!?

I generally try to read the regional alabama news as often as I have time. Every Monday without fail they report on 5 - 10 deaths on Alabama highways over the weekend - usually 9 out of 10 of these fatalities are people who were NOT wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident.

Seatbelts are EASY to use, not anywhere near as uncomfortable some would have you believe, and required by law in many states. For years I hated the idea of wearing seatbelts. My parents never buckled up, and when learning to drive I never learned to buckle up. Just seemed unnecessary and uncomfortable for me. At some point I began to realize that I am a mortal human, and I will die at some point. Ultimately I can't control when or where, but why tempt fate and encourage it to happen now?

Long story short (yeah, too late), it has become a habit - one I'm proud of myself for having. It takes about one second to do when I get in the car, and I rarely realize I'm even wearing a seatbelt anymore. The question is, why are people STILL not wearing seatbelts? Does everyone think "it won't happen to me"? Is everyone lazy? What gives?

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Who the hell, in this age, is NOT wearing a seatbelt?!?

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