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Journal aebd's Journal: Big Fish

Saw big fish with some friends and her. Her is the girl I've liked for the past couple months, but nothing has yet to actually happen and well probably never will. Who am I kidding, nothing will definetly happen. But I'm foolish, stubborn when things that really really matter to me are involved and so it'll all end up blowing up in the end. Did it for 3 years once before, don't see why this will be much different

Anyway, we went, we sat and for the first time I wasn't sitting next to her. Usually I manage to position myself walking into the theatre such that I end up sitting next to her, but this time i just lagged back and she stayed at the front and well that's how it goes. I figure if she wanted to sit next to me she would have done something to insure it. She's done it before with other guys. So you'd think I'd take this as a sign. I do, but well my stupidity prevents this from having any actual impact on me.

The movie was good, if the ending was maybe a tad tad cheesy (?). But I kinda left with the duality of just dropping all my feelings for this girl, oh did I mention I'm in love with her?, and pursuing it even more. I'm stuck, flip flopping at this point.

For about the past week or so I've had it in my mind to just kiss her some time, to just do it and let things explode so that I can get on with my life. I don't know why I can't just move on, I don't know why I care so much. She's so damn introverted, correction, she so damn untalkative. She's not introverted, not extroverted either but she doesn't run from people, likes meeting new people, but it's like pulling lions teeth to get anything out of her sometimes, and she rarely starts conversations that lead to anything integral to her.

I think it's this that makes me love her. I know her well enough to know that in her, there's all this wonderfulness. She's a puzzle that I'd happily spend my life trying to solve. Each little piece of the solution revealing a little more of all that is her.

But I digress. Kiss. I want to kiss her so bad, even if it's the only time it happens. I don't want to loose her friendship, but I wonder if that's the ultimate end to it all. I either hurt myself as she continues to just be friends with me and at some point I can't handle it and do something I shouldn't, or I just do something I shouldn't, it all comes out gets resolved somehow and life goes on. Hopefully with her still my friend.

I kinda got this plan set up. Sometime when it's just us somewhere, I ask her for a favor, hopefully she says some form of 'yes' and not, 'it depends please elaborate such to ruin your plan', I say please forgive me and then kiss her, or kiss her then say it. I don't know if that's a good plan, or one that is gauranteed to complete. Right now I am trying to work out the timeline on moving in for a kiss and her ability to react negatively.

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Big Fish

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