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Journal Jeremiah Cornelius's Journal: GOOGLE'S REAL PLAN 8

It's so f*cking crazy, that you'll think I'm the one gone bonkers, for saying it...

They are batshit billionaires, convinced that enough capital and technology can have them produce physical immortality. They want to upload their beautiful minds into replaceable robots, forever.

That's the ultimate aim behind those difficult to fathom investments and acquisitions.

But the human mind? It's an effect not an artifact. It cannot be preserved independent of its "emitter". The superficial characteristics of the effect can be recorded and even simulated. No matter HOW good the recording, there's no VHS player that will ever BE Grandma.

But these are fools - who in a world of madness, are heralded as visionary.

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  • So... if in 20+ years, there's a javascript emulator for your brain* the state of which was captured, imaged if you like, down to the finest subatomic particle level** at some point in time - wouldn't that be able to produce the same effect as your physical brain? It works for Sonic The Hedgehog!

    (*) Running only on Chrome v875
    (**) Or further, as necessary

    • Anyhow, where are you even coming from with this one? Isn't it customary for you to post a link? :D

    • by kesuki ( 321456 )

      there are a number of problems with running a 'human' intelligence on a machine. first the brain in order to be read must be from a cadaver. as it will kill any living person to be scanned to suitable levels. second computers are really good at some tasks, and are totally baffled by things people intuit naturally. now i know you said mimic the human brain but... still computers have never had to solve the problems a human does really fast. getting replaceable hardware means not perfect emulation it means us

      • by socz ( 1057222 )

        I've been telling people about the Anime "Ghost in the Shell" for years, because I think this is more likely to happen first: Augmented Humans.

        We'll have feet and hands, followed by arms and legs, leading up to organs and eventually e-brains (network connectivity, SSD, etc), eye inserts (optical zoom and macro abilities), and who knows what else? But the series has a catch, no more than 2 people in the entire world have full cyborg bodies because you can't just drop anyone in a full cyborg machine.

        The Japan

  • I'm planning to upload my consciousness to a Kitchenaid Blender with Intelli-Speed Controls.

  • Required reading: "Mind Children"

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