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Journal aebd's Journal: The Beginning

Alright. This is will pretty much contain everything I would never think about putting in my regular /. journal, all the stuff that I would never want linked back to me by those who know me or anyone else. All the stuff that we all think, but the stuff we hide from everyone else.

Why put it up here? I don't know. I guess it'll make me feel expressive on the things I put up here instead of keeping them in or in some stupid text file on my computer. But why put them up here? I guess maybe I want this to be found by someone who knows me and to go 'ah, it all makes sense now, I'll now go do everything that will make him happy now that I realize the actuality of things' But who the hell am I kidding, that won't/doesn't happen so it'll be anonymous cause if anyone did find this well it would just be embaressing and slightly ruinous.

So this will all pretty much end up being me talking about this girl I like and how unfair life is blah blah blah.

Anyway onward.

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The Beginning

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