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Journal linzeal's Journal: A day for tea, gin, and me.

Well as winter vacation slips into the spring semester I have begun 3 projects of which at least 2 are coming about admirably. Radio telescope will be continued next year peicemeal-like as I have secured no grant money, the wireless network proposal is waiting only for a good going over by the IT head, and my brutish atempt at making a play has come to at least the half way mark; 40 pages of dialogue and at least a 100 in theory and other sundry bullshit. I like working with Dramatica, but I also need to research some stories in a similiar vein so as not to overstep my bounds or repeat a narrative unknowingly. All in all I am having fun doing exercises in various fields to test my mettle when dealing with new almost alien ways of formalizing creative and scientific thought.

Today however I am hiding my car keys, watching movies on the old 21 " Sony Trinitron monitor (as opposed to the 14.1" laptop LCD), disconnecting the phone, not answering the door, got a 5 lb roast slow cooking w/ cream cheese mashed potatoes and butter. Today is a day for me. Not the friends, not the gf, and esp not the family. It is good to have solititude at your disposal and the people around you who respect you enough to give you that.

How do you get away from the wants, wishes, and warping of others?

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A day for tea, gin, and me.

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