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  • The conservative approach grasps that there is a Pareto Optimal amount of regulation maximizing the number of sellers, the stability of the market, and the liberty of the buyers.
    Slavery is socialism, when that market has been destroyed, or over-regulated to the point of mission-kill.
    Under-regulation is anarchy, again, a purely libertarian view.
  • The rates charged to buy things and communicate with inmates are insane. My brother-in-law has been in prison for a long time. I'm fine with him serving time (he shot 2 people), but he's been in for over 20 years and had his last parole denied despite having been well-behaved for quite some time and even one of the guys whom he shot and put in a wheelchair going to the parole board and saying he's served enough time.

    The problem is, I think, his mom takes good care of him and buys a lot of stuff through the

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