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Journal Alucard454's Journal: Decade of Piracy (arrrrr)

Ya know, I was trolling around slashdot today when i ran into the article about movie piracy.

As a pretty dedicated pirate, this got my attention, and I got my guns all fired up to flame the article's author. Being a good /.'er though, i decided to read throught the current comments first (and not the article). As usual, there was one comment in particular that got my attention.. the one that provided an opportunity for me to reply and gain a coveted +5 interesting/informative.

This is that comment.

to summarize:
"The scene is closed to much of the world; would-be participants have to gain the trust of insiders and prove their worth before gaining entry. And the lifespan of groups tends to be short, at least on the Net, where players come and go."

It's only closed to those who don't know about P2P apps, IRC, FTP, WWW, E-mail, CDR/DVDR, and any other method of transferring data... and the easiest way to gain entry is to type something like "/join #warez950". As far as the players, they don't come and go, they just change their names and keep doing what they're doing. I'm sorry, but how silly is this article?

i was just about to reply with my personal anecdotal evidence (always good for karma) when i stopped and examined my facts.
yes, i am what people would call an "insider" in the scene. i have access to releases long before the public and the kazaapuppies dream of it, and my sites are so fast they make my head spin. i'm exactly one level removed from couriers for 4 major release groups. in short, i'm in deep.

where was i going with that? well, basically i was going to agree with the poster for his criticism of the guy, because my descent into this madness seemed so fast and so easy. Then I took a step back and looked at my history, and i realized i've been in the scene for ten years now. I started small, just like everyone else, and, just like the article's author surmised, i had to gain the trust of the right people to gradually move up. It took me about 4 years to really get in.
so yea, the author may have been off about the lifespan of many groups (one of my channels was around for a good 5 years before i arrived) but his basic facts are actually surprisingly accurate. Makes one wonder what kind of sources he had.

anyway, this post doesn't really have much of a point (why should it?) but i had to write this down, and what better place than my new /. journal? After all, no one is going to be interested to hear this, and this is the surest way to make sure no one ever does. :)
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Decade of Piracy (arrrrr)

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