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Journal Jeremiah Cornelius's Journal: A New Twist to the Heroic Whistleblower Story Arc 5

The Snowden case represents a new twist to the heroic whistleblower story arc: After successfully convincing a large part of the public and the American Establishment that Snowden's leaks serve a higher public interest, Greenwald promptly sold those secrets to a billionaire.

He justified this purely on grounds of self-interest, calling Omidyar's offer "a once-in-a-career dream journalistic opportunity." Speaking to the Washington Post, Greenwald used crude careerist terminology to justify his decision to privatize the Snowden secrets:

"It would be impossible for any journalist, let alone me, to decline this opportunity."

Let alone me.


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A New Twist to the Heroic Whistleblower Story Arc

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  • How does Glenn Greenwald's behavior affect the social good of Snowden's revelations?

    • Billionaire-controlled release of further information.

      Private ownership of what Snowden tried to make public.

      • Billionaire-controlled release of further information.

        That's not how information works.

        When you give it away - or sell it - you don't lose what you had.

        Even if it's true that Glenn Greenwald "sold" the Snowden information, it does not mean Snowden no longer has control over it, or that no other journalist has it. Glenn Greenwald does not have exclusive "control" of the Snowden information.

        Information is not like a bag of peanuts. If you have a bag of 100 peanuts, and give someone 50, you only have 50 pean

        • Apparently, Snowden kept no copy/cache, and turned it all to Greenwald/Poitras in HK.

          He may have select valuable bits behind a deadman switch, as reported. Or that may be a game move bluff.

          Greenwald's statement indicate he is probably a compromised conduit. Let's hope not.

          • by socz ( 1057222 )

            Unfortunately I lack knowledge in who these guys are in taking up the cache. My question is thus: what risks does Greenwald and cohort run of getting assassinated to keep this under wraps (and to send a message to anyone who would want to continue the work)? Snowden is hiding out in Russia for a reason. Where are these guys going to be located that they think they're safe from getting picked up Osama style while flouting around that they have ALL of the data AND they plan to release it all?

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