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Journal Jeremiah Cornelius's Journal: Jesus Said, February 9, 2013. 10

The Nag Hammadi library has a lot of lost text of the sayings of Jesus such as the Gospel of Mary and the Gospel of Thomas. After Jesus was killed , the 12 apostles discussed whether they should preach the kingdom of God and denounce the Roman Empire, when their teacher was killed by the Romans. They said, "if the Romans killed Jesus, they would kill us also". But the 12 apostles went and preached anyway. But when Jesus was resurrected and spoke to the 12 apostles again, they asked him, "where should we go for wisdom when you're gone?" Jesus said, "go to James the just, for whose purpose the whole world came into existence", Nag Hammadi, logion 12. This is very profound statement. Jesus was saying the whole world was created and came into existence for one man. The world wasn't even created for the 12 apostles. If the 12 apostles died preaching the gospel, it's no big deal, nothing was lost, the world wasn't created for them anyway. Not to take that statement out of context, If we go back to where Abraham says to Jesus, if there are 10 righteous in the city, will you destroy it? Jesus was pretty much saying, that because of this one righteous person, the world is not destroyed. In a passage in Eusebius, Clement of Alexandria (150-215 CE) says the "Gift of Knowledge" was given by Jesus to "James the Just, to John, and Peter," and they gave it to the rest of the Apostles, and they taught to the Seventy, of who Barnabas was one," (E.H. 2.1). The problem with this knowledge, is that the Romans will always use knowledge for evil and never for good. Even to start up a religion or information to make a religion grow, the Romans will infiltrate that religion and use it to benefit their empire. Any new idea or invention will be used for spying, mass destruction or evil. Even trying to save the environment by using energy-efficient light bulbs, just convinces people that technology and electricity is okay to use and we can build more nuclear power plants. You can't win with these people.

The only good news is this knowledge eventually destroys them. Someone figured out a way to save water by putting these air adapters on the sinks. This doesn't really save water it just slows the flow of water down. Which means it takes you three times longer to fill up a coffeepot. Because time is money, you're wasting three times as much money, by using these things. Depending on what your time is worth. Bill Gates would've spent $30,000 worth of his time filling up a coffeepot, with these new Fossett adapters that the power of company installed on our fossett's for free. And he didn't save any water, the pitcher holds the same out of water no matter how fast or slow it takes to fill it up. The only way you might save water is for the people who leave the water running while the going to the bathroom or while they are shaving or washing their hands. But if you don't shave at all, you don't have to worry about that. You could save more water by not shaving. The power company wanted to save water, they would convince people not to shave. If you simply shut the water off while you're washing your hands, you will save more water.

So basically the knowledge that I've taught for last 30 years has only been turned around and used for evil and nothing was used for good. So it's best to keep silent until the end of the world for whose purpose, would knows was created. The people who have guns will always use the knowledge for evil. There will be any good or justice until guns are banned. Two utility workers claim they shot two criminals in Detroit and claim it was self-defense because they were robbers. But the fact is there is no proof they were robbers. We only have the word of the murderers with the guns. Anyone can kill anyone and then claim it was self-defense that the person they killed were robbers or trying to kill them. But the fact is until these people are proven to be robbers in a court of law, then there isn't any proof that they were robbers. In fact even if the robbers went to court and on some technicality they were found not guilty, then they are not robbers. The cops are only protecting themselves they are not protecting society. Look at the manhunt in California for the cop killer. 500 people you're killed in Detroit and their use in all of our tax dollars to find the person who kills cops and hardly any money is spent finding the people who kill American citizens. It is a Roman empire police state where cops use guns to kill anyone they want and then claim it was self-defense without a jury, trial or judge and if anyone tries to call the murderers they will claim, "strawman argument" we don't have to prove the people we killed were murderers or trying to kill us we can simply kill anyone we want and it's our word against the dead person. That's why we have guns. People with guns make the laws. And if they want to make a law to make nuclear power legal even though will kill everyone on the planet, they don't care if everyone dies all they care about is their guns. If they want to use a gun to make a law legalizing fracking for natural gas, who cares if the fracking is going to break the earth in pieces and kill everyone on the planet. They have guns they make the laws. The laws are not made by wisdom or knowledge, they are made by people with guns. And so the people with guns will break the earth into pieces and kill everyone on the planet by legalizing fracking of the foundation of the earth for natural gas and money. If laws were made by wisdom in people with knowledge guns would've been banned a long time ago and the earth would've been a Garden of Eden. It would've been God's kingdom. But now that it's Satan's kingdom, there is no reason for the earth to exist or the people on it. So wisdom and knowledge is cut off and there is no more word of God.

Word of God, Jesus said, saving water, water savers, Jesus said II, February 10, 2013.

Sorry the water free water saver attachments the government put on my Fossett's got me off the subject of what Jesus was trying to tell the apostles. Jesus was trying to save everybody and spoke to crowds of 5000 people. But most of those people just wanted free food and to be healed. Only the 12 apostles were interested in more of what Jesus said. If you read the Nag Hammadi library you can see Jesus was trying to teach them, what they had to do to become immortal and if they did not do it, they would die in their sins just like the Romans. It wasn't about them going out and preaching. Jesus said, "if you listen to my teachings you will never taste death". Well all 12 apostles died. So none of them got it. They all died in their sins. If you ask people if the 12 apostles accomplished anything in their teaching, they would say they created these huge religions with millions of followers, but did they do Jesus any good? No. All they did was help the Roman empire spread over the earth. All it did was help the Roman empire infiltrate religions, to gather armies to fight wars. Jesus would have been better off if the 12 apostles never existed. The information they gave out only helped the Roman empire take over the whole earth and enslave mankind, making them believe they will get to heaven when they die. Rather than the real truth that they will die in their sins, because they're serving the Roman empire by having jobs and paying their taxes. Even the Amish are sinning by enslaving horses, cutting down trees to build houses, owning land, paying taxes and wearing clothing. So if you think you're going to please God by driving a car driven by the gasoline of the blood of 1.5 million Muslims or using electricity that will cause the deaths of all people on earth from the nuclear power plants and the fracking, you might as well forget it. You ain't got a chance.

The police are like the Roman soldiers who use guns to stop God's kingdom from being established on earth. They kill whoever they want and claim it was self-defense. The cop killer in California, is the only one who really has a right to kill cops in self defense. There is no proof this guy killed cops, but there's all kinds of evidence on the news, that the cops are trying to find and kill him. So literally this guy can put a bullet through every cops every FBI agents had and it would be self-defense. He wouldn't even have to use the "straw man" argument because it's already been on every news channel, that the cops are out to get him. Every cop he kills now is in fact self defense. I don't believe it was the government that did SandyHook it was an inside job of cops and FBI agents, who wanted to ban weapons that might be used against them. The cops are serving the gun lobby and if you have a gun, so are you. The idea that you have a gun to protect the country against tyrant leaders is ridiculous. Because guns have been keeping the tyrants in power since the day Columbus discovered America. The only time this was a free country is when the Indians ran it before Columbus came.

Anyway the point Jesus was making was that not only were the 12 apostles gonna die in their sins, but that the world was created just for the benefit of one righteous man. The rest of the people on earth, could all be killed in a nuclear war or an earthquake and it really doesn't matter, they were going to die in their sins anyway. So this is my last message online because I'm closing out my account as the Romans were only use information to build their kingdom and view if you have an online account you're supporting their kingdom. There is no one on the Internet that's going to be worthy of being saved. (C) Copyright 1996-2012 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.

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Jesus Said, February 9, 2013.

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