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Journal LearningHard's Journal: Life, the universe... and arkansas lol

Been working out since July I guess. Have increased to a 285lb bench press and >400lb on deadlift and squat. I've been spending most of my free time trying to come up with C++ and .net projects to play with. Got to write some apps for friends that needed them. They tried to start a new tax here that would be an additional 2% on all prepared food. What a croc, the populace came out against it and the city had to rescind the tax yay!

Speaking of it is terrible around here how all the petty people become politicians and proceed to screw everyone over in town. I can only imagine that the larger the town the worse it is only it becomes so diluted it is harder to find specific incidences.

I graduate at last in the spring and Crystal graduates with her MS in Psychology then also. All she has left after that is her internship and she will be scot free so to speak! I have been getting back into some old hobbies, mostly it has consisted of me and a friend going out riding 4-wheelers on the salt flats around his house.

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Life, the universe... and arkansas lol

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