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Journal fucksl4shd0t's Journal: Updates for anyone who cares 2

Sorry folks. I only recently learned that people read my journal, and I have just learned that people actually visit my website! Do you? Have you been to my website in the last couple of weeks?

For reference, here it is.

Read the front page to learn what happened. I'm sorry for what has happened! I have reason to believe that those of you reading my journal are likely to be partially responsible for the huge increase in traffic, and for that I thank you!

On the accounting software, I have a prototype worked up partially, but I had to put it down. The reasons are there on my website, but it basically amounts to "I have to try to make money". If you guys are really interested in the accounting stuff, let me know and I'll post it. If you really want me to get back on it ASAP, then I need money. :) I'll be working on details for making that happen soon, just keep an eye on my website. I still don't post to my slashdot journal very often, and I'm not likely to start, because it would just duplicate what I put on my website (which I haven't updated very often, either. Hm.)

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Updates for anyone who cares

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