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Journal thales's Journal: Political Moderation 7

One thing I've seen over and over on /. is political moderation from the Left. Replys to some bonehead leftist rant wind up being modded down. Offtopic when the parent is "insightful", and replys to the "offtopic" post are somehow also "insightful".

This fits in with a theory that I have held for some time, that Leftism is a religion. Leftists can't stand having thier "theology" challenged, they often react to these "heritical" challenges with attempts to silence those who are opposed to the "faith".

Note how often Leftists attempt to portray those who aren't "beleavers" in their "Religion" as evil, something that is typical of religous fundementalists.

Leftism has it's assorted "prophets" who's "revalations" are accepted on faith, the reactions to challenges to these "devine revalations" mirror those you get from the far right Xtians when the Bible is challenged.

All in all Leftism has to be considered a religion, and one that is every bit as intolarant as Fundy Xtanity or Wahibist Islam.

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Political Moderation

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  • It is about as bad as the mods on FreeRepublic.Com.

    FreeRepublic is the ONLY service provided over an IP network that I have every been kicked off of and had my account locked. The reason? I pointed out that GWB was spending money like a D and that he wasn't serious about protecting the USA when you could walk across the North or South border with a missle very easy.

    It just isn't a left or /. thing. It effects most every discussion board on the net where the mods are hidden.
  • The attitudes in this entry seem to be the flipside of the same problem.

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