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Journal smittyoneeach's Journal: If only there were some natural mechanism 2

The report describes a planet in peril as a result of the human-caused buildup of greenhouse gases since the Industrial Revolution, where glaciers are shrinking and plants and animals have shifted their ranges in response to rising temperatures. As global warming continues through the 21st century, many species will face greater risk of extinction, marine life will shift toward the poles and seawater will grow more acidic, the report says.

I still go back to Ace of Spades:

If only there were some... natural mechanism by which to explain variations in global temperature. It would have to be massive, though. On the scale of our own Sun.

It's hard to imagine the sort of paradise that could erupt, if only smarmy elites weren't so keen on bossing other people around. But then we would be deprived of triumphs like ObamaCare, I guess.

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If only there were some natural mechanism

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  • ... but, ahh, fuck it! This might all happen anyways, so we might as well just keep doing what we're doing. If we're wrong, then, well ... fuck, that too! We'll all be dead before it will be far enough out of whack to kill us.

    Did I get the republican position right there? If I'm missing something, let me know.
    • I don't speak for the Republicans, but the common sense position is that you treat everything the Left says as though it were ObamaCare, and do conservative things with natural resources, like conserve them. You do this in a way that is sane, doesn't blow up the economy, and balances concerns reasonably.
      No one is arguing climate is constant. No one. But if I don't buy into the anthropogenic climate global warming change mantra, I'm a Holocaust denier. If I'm missing something, let me know, but otherwise, I

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