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  • Doesn't your bold key work?

  • I was worried we wouldn't see more fact-free journal entries around here, as you've been quiet for a while. You managed to find a spin-heavy article from someone who tried to comment on communism and progressivism without knowing the basics of either, so this does quite well, thank you. Good to know the blogosphere isn't afraid to turn the crazy back up.
  • The people who gave us Obamacare... I'm sorry, what was the question?

    • But why should you let that stop you?
      • A mere reflection... Imitation is the best compliment I can pay you. Besides, it is true. They just changed their story because the wrong guy implemented it, and it blew their cover. More soap opera to distract you away from the naked emperor. Every explanation to you falls on deaf ears, and you simply repeat your favorite memes as if nothing was said at all. So, what the hell, I'm easy, when in Rome... I figure that's the way you want to play the game. FOX 'news' and your pj media is directly connected to

        • concentrated wealth can only come through plunder and is the only way to concentrate power

          Trivially disproven. As a Christian, I've an inheritance that will extend beyond my last heartbeat. It is a sad, animalistic thing that you've fallen prey to envy. Would that you could experience liberty. It's beautiful.

          • Trivially disproven.

            Yet nobody has, or can. So it appears that is not so. There is no concentrated wealth anywhere without a corrupt system to protect it.

            It is a sad, animalistic thing that you've fallen prey to envy.

            Nope, I have no desires of that nature. You're grasping at straws. It is the rich who are envious as they attempt to hoard and keep it all for themselves. They are unable/unwilling to accept equality. They just take from others in a show of superiority. They are sociopaths with total lack of em

            • the radical Baptist sect that most definitely uses the Christian god's name in vain to rationalize rampant theft and violence and bigotry

              Reasons I don't even sort of take you seriously, #1,531.

              • Nothing new there. You're not getting the message anyway, and distort it to fit your preconceptions. I've known that for a very long time. The fact still stands, and has been proven to be true. Those people preach hate in their pro-discrimination stance, and their followers are dangerous.

  • All of these comments, and everyone missed the obvious: given that he IS a communist, of course Horowitz would recognize one when he sees one.

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