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Journal Fourier's Journal: DOJ response to Tunney Act comments

Well, the response is in. I am not pleased. I skimmed through much of the DOJ's response, and it was immediately apparent that the entire document does little but run defense against the opposing comments. It seems to me that a response in keeping with the spirit of the Tunney Act would actually listen to the comments rather than systematically dismiss them. I can only hope some of the more clueful and less ethically-challenged congressmen (Boucher? Feingold?) will raise a stink over the DOJ's obvious attempts to settle this case quickly rather than fairly.

And yes, I do have the right to bitch, because I did send in my comment. Sadly, my opinions on the necessity of disclosing MS Office file formats were dismissed as beyond the scope of the case. It seems to me that any potential solution to Microsoft's monopoly position should by definition be viewed as applicable.

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DOJ response to Tunney Act comments

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