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Journal jeffy124's Journal: Poll: Who feels the worst this morning? 6

Poll assumes you know a few things from yesterday's NFL games:

A) Kicker for New Orleanes
B) The ball holder in that same play
C) Todd Pinkston for fumbling the ball with no one around at the 3 yd line
D) McNabb for that interception in OT
E) Automatic Akers for two missed kicks

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Poll: Who feels the worst this morning?

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  • The Iggles phoned that one in.
    And you forgot to mention Buckhalter getting benched for missing Saturday's meeting/practice.
    After last Monday, that one was hard. They better pick it up in the playoffs or we'll have to lose two more veterans yet still be 'competitive'.
    • Buck's been the least bestest of the three backs. Deuce has been doing well and so has the brook. I see brook as the main back next year with the Buck as the backup, and the deuce will be loose with some other team.
  • Never seen anyone that dejected in my life. I mean, after that play, you miss that kick?

    However, it's as came up in a discussion yesterday about Warren Sapp complaining about the botched onside kick - You DO NOT complain about a loss like that this late in the year. Bottom line is that your team should not have been in that position in the first place. You're either making a run for it, or you're out, not trying to squeak in with two last-minute wins.

    • Sapp's an freakin' idiot (Spoken like a true GB fan). Last year had nothing to do with Gruden yet he got all the glory.

      As for yesterday, I got to second the kicker on this one. Watching him miss the extra point reminded me of that Adam Sandler song called "Lonely Kicker", I think.
    • I'm with sam on all accounts. Man... I'm surprised Carney isn't on suicide watch right now.... a PAT just simply botched (not blocked) after an AMAZING touchdown... he's a good kicker, too.

      Hopefully it doesn't hurt him that bad, though. It -is- just a game, after all.
  • Akers battled the elements, Pinky made a debatable uh-oh and the kicker/holder can point fingers at each other, but McNabb was Mr. Int after a long game streak of no real Ints (tipped balls and such).

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