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Journal VonGuard's Journal: Fuck Apple. Fuck FutureNetworkUSA 2

Obviously, neither were meant to be. I heard from both today. Don't know why I figured it would happen, but I emailed Karen Cho at Apple at around 11 PM EST, and she got back to me immediately, telling me everyone at the store is gonna be promoted from within Apple.

So here I am, looking at a new year and absolutely 0 job prospects.

Why am I so fucking lazy? I should be writing every god dammed day. I should have finished the Harold Foundary book by now. Maybe I should go back to it and crank the fucker out.

Ah, who am I kidding. No one will publish it without me having a name. It's too bizarre. The sort of thing that, if it had any artistic merit, would only be appreciated long after I was dead.

Death, where fore art though? And why hasn't though comest for me yet. Twould make my writing all that much more popular.

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Fuck Apple. Fuck FutureNetworkUSA

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  • Use a pen name. Go for "David Copperfeld" or "Steven Kings" or "William Shakezpear" ... that'll get 'em to buy your book! If that fails structure the story as a serial to be published in a "Reader's Digest" type magazine. Then you sell it over and over again... give it a catchy title like "Ender's Name", "Lord of the Ties", "The Switches of Eastwick" or something memorable.

    Then you just start cranking dreck like that out... chug... chug... chug. Hundreds of short stories to thousands of publishing reps.

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