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Journal mcgrew's Journal: Help me out, guys... 4

It's out and it's flawed. Maybe it will be a collector's item some day. But Nobots the flawed edition is available.

The cover is wrong, the bar code is wrong. But to hell with it, I want to publish this damned book.

The problem I need help with is the submission to the front page, what I have is lame. Help me out here! Here it is...

Slashdot's own "Nobots" is now in print

Nobots isn't a Dice Holdings book, it's a slashdot book. The first chapter written was a response to a comment in a slashdot story way back in 2009. Quite a few chapters were typed directly into slashdot's journal entry. A few were posted before a book became apparent and all of them garnered comments that improved the story, and it became a book. Your book.

Right now you can only get it here at Lulu, which I hope to change because of problems with the cover, the ISBN, and the bar code.

The crude first drafts of its chapters are here at slashdot already, and the final polished versions will be posted in my journal weekly starting next Saturday.

You may find earlier postings at my web site. It's a CC license, free to read. Enjoy!

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Help me out, guys...

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