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Journal Archangel Michael's Journal: Goofy Ratings 1

Lets start off by examining one of the scores from one of my posts.

(Score:0, Insightful)

Since I start off with a +1 on all my posts, this seems a bit .... Weird. I have been moderated DOWN for being insightful?

A close look at the score table below will explain how this happens.

Starting Score: 1 point
Moderation -1
    30% Insightful
    70% Overrated

30% think it is insightful, and 70% overrated. Since I am thinking that Slashdot rounds the numbers to the nearest 10% so that I have one "Insightful" and two Down mods, the last being "Overrated" for a total of three.

The "Overrated" mod is kind of funny to me. It means that the post has at least SOME interest, just not enough to rate it up, but not really worth modding down, except that is exactly what they are doing.

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Goofy Ratings

Comments Filter:
  • 20% Insightful
    50% Overrated
    30% Underrated

    Leaving me exactly where I started. Tis better than being behind. I wonder if this is showing up on MetaModeration.

    It seems that posts like this one, which have seriously conflicting views needs the most meta moderation. Don't cha think?

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