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Journal Mattb90's Journal: 1[33]7 70d4y

Yay, it's my birthday today.

The weather is pretty poor here in the 'London fringe area' (fog, fog, and the usual British Winter mix of cold and damp), but that doesn't disappoint me today as I'm turned 17 - now legally old enough to drive a car in the UK, and... well that's about it (besides the stuff I could do at 16, etc.). I suppose you're interested in what I go (or probably not...) and unsurprisingly my main presents from my parents are tech related:
- Project Gotham Racing 2 (Xbox) - Lodos Freeview box (Free-to-air digital terrestial TV box) - PC link up for my Casio CFX9850G graphical calculator (now I can play games in Maths and Phyiscs and look like I'm busy...) And they also saved me a surprise: - a 20GB iPod, engraved with my name

Yes, I'm sure there are many envious people out there (or not... I've no idea how many people actually read this...) but this is my day to enjoy, so let me have my glory. Anyway, moved over from MusicMatch to iTunes on my laptop (Apple moved the software over since the PC version was launched) and getting used to the system of syncing everything in one go really quickly over FireWire (compared to my iPaq where the USB connection is slow to sync and anything other than ActiveSync files have to be done manually or via WMP).

Anyway, time to go and finally play PGR2 on Live...
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1[33]7 70d4y

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