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Journal Steve Franklin's Journal: Computer vs. Audio-Video vs. Convergence

I was seriously planning to go the convergence route and then I "upgraded" to XP SP1 and my software DVD player stopped working. Now I could probably have found a solution or a workaround BUT, I had finally seen the light. Did I really want to screw with Windoze, or even Linucks, when all I really wanted to do was watch a movie? NOT!

So now I'm saving up for a (really expensive) 37" Sharp LCD and a really quite reasonable Niro (Nakamichi) DVD player and one-speaker!, one-subwoofer, 5.1 sound system. So I get real audio out of the thing, I get a hell of a good display, I get to sit in my Swedish chair, I don't have to diddle with a computer interface (though I have it in the same room), AND, most wonderfully of all, I can expect the damned thing to work as dependably as any Maytag washing machine without "Winders" doing its persistent Bill Gates Software Shuffle. Thank God I saw the light before I was sucked into another Wonderful Windows World of Annoyance! Bill, you have stopped convergence dead in its tracks, at least as far as I'm concerned, all by your little self, you pathetic twirp.

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Computer vs. Audio-Video vs. Convergence

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