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"Die-Hards of the Racist South"

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  • . . .twisted, propaganda-laden assault on the notion of limited government I've ever seen.
    • That's what Jesse Helms used to say... ;-)

      Boehner wants "limited government"?

      Cruz and Rubio, want "limited government"? Fuck me for real.

      • I think Cruz does, and Rubio may still, to a degree. Corruption is a function of time spent in DC.
        • Corruption is a function of time spent in DC.

          Corruption is a direct function of proximity to wealth/power. The craving increases with time. Just like any other addiction. DC is a branch/franchise of and is subservient to Wall Street. This includes your Tad Cruz with his 21 hour telethon []. Let's see him eliminate his own bennies...

          • I don't understand your point. Is there some specific legal transgression afoot here, ANYWHERE, or is this mere innuendo?
            • Legal?! Oh dear me, no no no... Simply uncouth. Exactly what you'd expect from a carny huckster. And he sounds like he's doing a floor show in The Birdcage. He's very good at what he does. In this business, bringing in the cash is all that counts. These people read spreadsheets, not law books. Why do you think Hillary and Obama are so.. "popular"?? Keep your eyes on the prize, and discover what animates this universe.

              • Why do you think Hillary and Obama are so.. "popular"?? Keep your eyes on the prize, and discover what animates this universe.

                As though I don't get it. It's all power, and its common physical manifestation, frogskins.
                Can we agree that neither of us is stupid here?
                The interesting dynamic is that the Democrats run a tight plantation.
                The GOP's plantation holdings are rising up in rebellion, but the GOP has been denying the nature of the plantation, holding up a historical, Constitutional illusion. Looking a little pixelated these days, the illusion. The GOP's choices are:
                a. Delivering on its capitalistic premise
                b. Finding a lie

                • No, you're not seeing the dynamic at all if you keep on believing that the GOP and democrats are in opposition. They (and you) are servants to something much bigger that you refuse to acknowledge. Your so called "rebels" are nothing but a bunch of radical religious nutcases (such a shame to see you associate yourself with an American Taliban) and fool no one. Don't buy your goods from carpetbaggers.

        • Where are they, on the 1.5 Bn Utah Data Center for the NSA. I thought so.

          Where are they, on the half-billion military gift that Congress just booned to Israel this month - over the regular 3 billion? I thought so.

          What does an American ciity, of 5-7 million inhabitants, have to do to get those kinds of Enitilements?

          Where are they, on cutting the debt-addiction and spiraling, government-fueled inflationary spiral that derives from unconstitutional fiat-currency? I thought so.

          Apparently, "limited government

          • Given that it all sucks (no argument there) there seem two paths; the positive, Constitutional approach to reform, favored by the Tea Party, and the Cloward-Piven swan dive into the River Styx [] which is all we're getting from the Democrats.
            Count me in the former camp.
            • What "tea party"?

              There are just Nixon democrats and Reagan republicans, like the past 40 years. They were dixie-crats before that, and you were sold a bridge.

              • No, this is what will survive the coming Progressive crash. This is what would've happened if the internet had been mature enough to support Perot. This is not Nixonian, but anti-Nixonian.

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