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Random "Wesley Saves the Day" plot generator

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  • JavaScript (Score:2, Funny)

    by Ydna ( 32354 )
    Holy client side logic, Batman. It's all done with JavaScript.
    • Uh-oh.

      Is that bad?

      (Javascript is one of the gaping holes in my computer knowledge.)
      • Re:JavaScript (Score:2, Informative)

        by Ydna ( 32354 )
        No, not necessarily. In fact, in this case it's kinda kewl `cause you can just look at the HTML source and see how it's doing its thing. I don't know jack about JavaScript either. But a look at the source reveals what fun one could have with it (adding new scenarios and results and such). Save a local copy and hack away.

        (There are, of course, many things one does not want to rely on client side logic for, like final input validation, because it can always be circumvented by going straight to the underlyin

      • It's only 1/2-bad. On the scale of geekdom, it ranks near the bottom of cool.

        Once you get Perl under your belt, then your stock will rise.

      • Its not bad, nor good (IMHO).

        Just make sure you know that Java and JavaScript are two completely different things ;-)

        Basically, saying its done in javascript simply means its done client side; meaning your browser does all the computational work, not the server (slashdot, for example, has servers that hit DBs to get stories, so everything is done on the server side. But this site put everything on the html page itself, so that your browser does all the scramblign and reassembling of the words to put on
        • Hope that helps :-)

          Heh. Actually, it does!

          Somebody get a camera. I actually learned something at Slashdot today. ;)
          • Heh, my pleasure!
            So do I get a signed wil wheaton book? You need to do book signings in Cincinnati. ;-)
            • I'll tell O'Reilly that I should go to Cincy in Summer . . . I'm already gonna be in OKC and Chicago, so I bet we can make it happen. :)
              • 2 different foods there of note, Dixie/4 Star Chili and fried frog legs along the river's snake wall thing. Mmmmmmmm...

                Chili with 5-6 toppings like phillies, don't get much better. I wish we had that and waffle houses and white castles out here in NoCal. California cuisine sucks, it is so souless no one eats it for comfort food.

      • Is that bad?
        Well, it can be, but as long we monitor the gravitational-to-inertial mass-ratio regulator to prevent a chain reaction from fusing the warp field control, I think it'll be ok.
  • And with all due respect Wil.

    They just started Treknobabble with your character, it wasn't fully perfected until B&B came out with Voyager. The number of times they wrote themselves into a hole only mindless treknobabble that nerds can't even understand...

    The other series aren't guilt-free here, but at least they didn't outright rely on it. Probably one of the reasons I like Enterprise more than Voyager is that their tech level is low enough they have to rely on Captain Archer's 6th sense in order t

If graphics hackers are so smart, why can't they get the bugs out of fresh paint?