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Journal VonGuard's Journal: Unbriddled IRC Transcript action!

[2:19:20] NOQUIT TOKEN WATCH=128 SAFELIST are available on this server
[2:19:21] You have joined the channel
[2:20:31] mackstann: yooooooooooooo
[2:24:27] vonguard: you know
[2:24:48] vonguard: 10 years ago if i had typed "Who played Scotty" into a search engine, all my responses would be about star trek
[2:24:53] vonguard: today, they're about soap operas
[2:25:01] vonguard: truly the housewife has arrived upon this internet
[2:25:45] mackstann: come out with your pants down
[2:29:12] mackstann: snow still on the ground
[2:29:22] vonguard: seriously?
[2:29:23] vonguard: snow?
[2:29:23] mackstann: seems to be melted on the cement though
[2:29:24] vonguard: already?
[2:29:26] mackstann: yep
[2:29:26] vonguard: MY GOD MAN
[2:29:30] mackstann: i know
[2:29:37] mackstann: started last night
[2:29:48] vonguard: awwwwwwww
[2:29:51] vonguard: i miss snow
[2:29:55] mackstann: 06:53:06 @ mackstann | W T F
[2:29:56] mackstann: 06:53:06 @ mackstann | W T F
[2:29:56] mackstann: 06:53:07 @ mackstann | W T F
[2:29:56] mackstann: 06:53:07 @ mackstann | W T F
[2:29:56] mackstann: 06:53:10 @ mackstann | it's snowing
[2:29:58] mackstann: 06:53:12 @ mackstann | good god
[2:31:41] vonguard: what do you call those little cards in yer phone?
[2:31:45] vonguard: the smart card things?
[2:32:21] mackstann: sim card?
[2:32:30] mackstann: i could turn mine on and check
[2:32:49] vonguard: naw
[2:32:53] mackstann: yeah, sim card
[2:33:02] mackstann: I DONE CHECKED ANYWAYS
[2:33:02] vonguard: i got a cell phone i have to review
[2:33:07] vonguard: this rocks, i can call everyone
[2:33:09] vonguard: gimme yer number
[2:33:13] mackstann: l33t
[2:33:17] mackstann: my phone is turned off
[2:33:21] vonguard: fucker
[2:33:28] vonguard: ok, i wall go call japan
[2:33:31] mackstann: bahah
[2:33:38] mackstann: you thought you knew antisocial
[2:33:42] mackstann: YOU KNOW NOTHING
[2:33:54] mackstann: i am the king of it
[2:33:59] vonguard: that's why yer ssuch a fucking bastard
[2:34:26] mackstann: no, that's because i was molested when i was a child
[2:34:33] vonguard: oh
[2:34:40] mackstann: wait
[2:34:40] vonguard: huh, my last sysadmin was molested as a child
[2:34:46] mackstann: i wasn't molested
[2:34:48] mackstann: ?
[2:34:50] mackstann: yes
[2:34:51] mackstann: no
[2:35:04] mackstann: ok
[2:35:09] mackstann: ----- clean slate -----
[2:35:10] mackstann:
[2:35:16] mackstann: i was not molested as a child.
[2:36:30] mackstann: hey vonguard, you ever play the rusty trombone?
[2:38:24] vonguard: nope
[2:38:27] vonguard: i played the skin flute
[2:38:46] vonguard: oh, i molseted my last sys admin
[2:38:48] vonguard: that's why
[2:39:22] vonguard: so the job interview went well
[2:39:29] vonguard: and i thnk i am going to have to kick apple to the curb
[2:44:04] mackstann: 01:12:17 @ singularity | its when someone gives you a rimjob while jerking you off.
[2:44:07] mackstann: 01:12:22 @ singularity | think about the arm motion! :)
[2:44:26] mackstann: singularity taught me some stuff last night
[2:44:30] mackstann: and now i'm just running with it
[2:45:45] vonguard: really now?
[2:45:49] vonguard: never heard of one of those before
[2:46:08] vonguard: have heard of the curious frog where you grip your pole between your feet and pull down.

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Unbriddled IRC Transcript action!

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