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Journal nullard's Journal: Last Day at Work, Graduation, New Job 1

Today is my last day at work. I'll be leaving in a few hours. I've enjoyed this job but I'm leaving to a much better one. I graduate (BSCS) in less than two weeks. I already miss being a student. Now I get to go to the "real world" of mortgages and less flexible work schedules.

I'm going to be working for a well known company so I may choose to retire this /. account and start a new one so that people don't associate my past comments with my new employer. Its not that I don't stand by my comments, I just don't want to be seen as misrepresenting my company particularly since their products sometimes appear in articles and comments.

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Last Day at Work, Graduation, New Job

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  • Maybe you can keep this account for home use, and have a new separate account for work where you can be more conservative, so to speak, and use the old account for when you really want to speak your mind.

    The trick is to not mention where you will be working on this account, and not to obviously associate the two accounts.

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