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Journal jeffy124's Journal: The Army-Navy Game 7

The Army-Navy Football Game will be played tomorrow. Army is 0-12 on the season, Navy I dont know other than something better.

Working for a Navy contractor has exposed me to numerous retired Naval personel. The following email was recently passed around the office:

West Point (NY) -- Army football practice was delayed nearly two hours yesterday after a player reported finding an unknown white powdery substance on the practice field. New head coach, John Mumford, immediately suspended practice while police and federal investigators were called to investigate. After a complete analysis by both the FBI and Army Intelligence, forensic experts determined the white substance unknown to players was the goal line.

Practice was resumed after special agents decided the team was unlikely to encounter the substance again.

Go NAVY!!!

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The Army-Navy Game

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  • I'd seen it before, but it will always get a laugh from me. :)
    • i figured it was an old one given some of the stories i've heard from those who actually went to school at teh Naval Acadamy.

      like the one where the "Pep Rally" before the Navy-AF game at the Navy campus that lasts one minute on the nose, and the AF sends an F-16 over the campus to make the most noise over Annapolis as possible during that precise minute. One guy said a jet came in so low once over a building's courtyard and immediately turned up onto a perfect 90 degree vertical and hit the afterburners.
  • I was thinking of spending this weekend in philly but the hotels honoring the free night package were all booked up so I'm going next weekend. I guess I'll miss the XML conference =(
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