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Journal VonGuard's Journal: Life is Peachy

December 3, 2003

Things have gotten better, in one day. With one passing 24 hours, everything got better. I got the cover story. I got the interviews. I got the interview (different type.)

So I feel very good. it's been like a membrane shattering open, or perhaps simply being pushed through and the other side finally coming in one quick snap.

I dunno. maybe I live a charmed life. I know my dad prays for me a lot. I'd like to discount that, but i pretty much can't. Thoughts concentrated upon for a good long time can perhaps cause fluctuations in the reality matrix of the universe.

No matter why it happened, shit did today. First, I got Mike to say yes on my newest feature for the east bay express. Magic Man will likely be the title. It's shaping up quite nicely, and I'm going to be very proud of it when it's finished, I am sure.

Going along with that, I got an interview set up tomorrow with Richard Garfield, and perhaps Gary Gygax. We'll see how that one shapes up. I do the interview tomorrow.

2004 is just around the corner. Does that mean that I will be back in the saddle of the magazine industry? Mobile PC emailed today. George Jones is EIC of Maximum PC. I applied off of Craigslist, and BANG George somehow psychicaly told Chris Null that I had applied, even though I haven't talked to George since I took him out to the cyber cafes in August. Still feeling weird about my hugging Wil O'Neal. The whole experience left me feeling slightly dirty.

I am so glad to be out of the ACCRC. I cannot believe that I don't live there anymore. it's so nice!

Oh, forth thing, Kate and Martin said that I can stay through January since I'll have the story done by then.

Overall, I feel very good. Things could be much better next year. I've already hit the bottom. I know that much (Unless I turn into a junky at random). 2002 was about as bad a year as anyone could have asked for. I barely made it out of that year with my sanity intact. Perhaps I didn't.

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Life is Peachy

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