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Journal Beta update, and a chance to see Slashdot live in London 9

The ongoing Slashdot redesign effort has drawn a few notes from the outside world; here's what TweakTown and Business Insider have to say. Important to remember: the Beta site works — but it's transparently, inherently a work in progress, and the engineers are putting a lot of effort into bringing to the new page feature parity and more. The existing site isn't going away anytime soon, but the more ideas and bug reports we get (on the Beta, and in general) the more robust the next generation of Slashdot is going to be. As we revamp comments, submissions, and other aspects of the site (down to how text flows on various screen sizes), your reactions are crucial.

You can play with the site in the privacy of your own home, of course, too, but in person (at LUG meetings, etc) we enjoy giving "factory tours" of the backend of the site. We've gotten the chance to show off the evolving new design to readers (and passers by) at Interop and at the NYC Tech Meetup earlier this month. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, we'll be at AppsWorld, too, from October 22-23 in London. Stop by and get some swag (while it lasts) and perhaps help us reject some spam or hit Save on a story.
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Beta update, and a chance to see Slashdot live in London

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  • Sound very interesting, I couldn't find the physical address in London where this event is going to be. can someone tell me the address
  • So this is a real thing?? A redesign that looks like every other website... and a bad rip-off at that? Pretty embarrassing, fellas.

  • The new design is usable on my laptop at 1280 wide, but you can't see threaded comments with indentation as previously. Without threaded comments and indentation, any Slashdot redesign is DOA for me. Also, I'm wagering that when I plug back in to my 1700+ wide monitor, it'll be a field of wasted space still. I wager the two problems are related--with the narrow space, you can't indent without wrapping. Just give up on forcing everybody narrow, for the love of god. I have 1700+ pixels, and I want to us

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