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Journal Austrian Anarchy's Journal: WikiPedia in Theory vs. Reality

I finally broke down and got a Wiki account so I could change this page which had an error that was driving me nuts.

Among the many viewers were future President Jimmy Carter, who commuted Steen's convictions under his amnesty program for draft resisters, acting to "heal the nation".[5][6][7] Another person watching was David Byrne, composer for the rock band Talking Heads, who wrote the popular song "Life During Wartime" to memorialize the 60 Minutes episode.[8] In the interview with Rather, Steen stated that it "was time for members of Weather Underground Organization to emerge and engage change at the community level in this post-draft, post-Vietnam era." Mark Rudd resurfaced within 60 days and the remainder of the fugitive Weather Underground, including Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers surrendered to authorities over the next 22 months.

I deleted the last sentence that used to read "Steen became the last of the Weathermen to surface in 2012."

How that got in there to begin with is amazing, since the whole page is full of his activities and accomplishments, under his real identity, ever since his sentences were commuted by Carter in 1977.

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WikiPedia in Theory vs. Reality

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