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Journal MsGeek's Journal: SCALE, the sequel

It's 9am on a Saturday Morning. Usually at this point I would be still asleep. However, here I am sitting at SBLUG's booth, waiting for the lot of them to show up.

I have both my laptops here (yay for my super-leet rolling laptop bag and a second padded sleeve)and my badge is around my neck with an lanyard. They might as well have a lanyard that says SCO Smokes Crack because that's the take-home message.

Of course, nothing says "fuck you Darl" like a ThinkPad running Linux, and as you know that was one of my motivations for my new toy here. It's kind of upsetting that my PowerBook G3 isn't as immediately useful as this Thinkpad has been...I have always been partial to the MacOS and to Mac architecture in general. But there is just so much frobbing and tweaking that still needs to be done on WallyNavi, and the only thing that needs to be ironed out on BlueTomato is sound. There's IBM-ers here, it is likely they'll have the skillz to get it working. The x86 arch is braindead, but it's still the best arch to run Linux on.

I wish the SBLUGgers were here already, so I could go out exploring. There are also a few panels I want to check out, but I can't do that until everything is squared away.

I will be updating this as the day goes on.

Update 12:35pm...

Thanks to the good folks at 4Front Tech, my ThinkPad now has a voice. Their commercial version of OSS kicked the sound chip right over, no ifs, ands or buts. The only caveat is that I have to open a console, su to root, and then type in soundon to start OSS up. I don't mind that...the more I have to do in the console the more comfortable I will be with it. They offered me further help to get it running automatically, but I don't mind it the way it is.

If you have a stubborn sound card that won't kick over with the standard Linux drivers, give 'em a try.

And now...I had better get some food in me. Red warrior is about to die...agggh!

Update: 4:07pm

Very odd...sometimes this version of Mozilla doesn't accept typed input. I had to move to Konqui to type this. I'm running Mozilla 1.4. I know there's a Mozilla 1.5 out there so maybe I should grab that. However, good ol' Konqui is good ol' Konqui. Dependable as ever and as comfy as a pair of well broken in jeans.

Not much is going on right now...I think I'm just going to hang instead of going to another talk. I'm a bit low-energy thanks to the early wakeup call so keeping things low-key is best.

I'm also not going to stick around for the screening of Revolution OS. I have the DVD and although I kinda wanted the director to sign my DVD (well, it's actually the paper that's inserted in the front of the DVD case but it works just the same) I can watch it whenever I want.

All in all, a fun time. I think this is the last report I will make from the floor. I might write a digested version later, but I think I want to take one last swing aroun the display floor before I pack up. Ciao, sweeties...

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