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Journal Coventry's Journal: Opteron benchmarks

Well, back in april I did a bunch of benchmarks on pre-release dual and quad processor Opteron servers. The kernel compiles were published (since they were done first), but the rest never made it up.

Oh, I guess I should mention I get pulled in to help out with AMDZone from time to time - sysadmin work, optimizations, that sort of thing. Chris Tom, who runs the site, sends me the occasional piece of hardware and/or pays me for my time - but its never anything huge. I'm still trying to convince him not to use postnuke on the next version of the site, but thats a different issue, better suited for a seperate post.

Chris had me run these benchmarks - he knows I know my stuff - we've known each other for 5 years or so, but never met in person. He published the first set, the kernel compile times, which were amazing, btw, as far as how the 4P scaled. The rest of the benchmarks were submited, but graphs were never made and they didn't end up in their own story - too much was going on with his site during the Opteron launch and these got left behind.

The latest Opterons should blow these out of the water - faster memory and hgiher clockspeeds - but these benches still show some impressive results.

The questions is, Where do I put them... Here? My company website is not appropriate...

I guess I could waste a journal entry doing it... It'll take an hour or so doing the formating, but would there be any interest?

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Opteron benchmarks

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