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Journal alexo's Journal: World Computer Chess Championship

From 22 to 30 November 2003, the world's best chess software will be put to the test in a multimedia environment in the Dom im Berg. The world champion will be determined according to ICGA (International Computer Games Association) statutes in an eleven-round computer chess tournament in Graz. Clear favourite is a chip called "Brutus", programmed by Chrilly Donninger from Austria.

Under the title "Chess003" Graz will see the world's best chess programmes playing against each other according to the ICGA rules in the Dom im Berg. This World Computer Chess Championship will feature new media, video walls, broadcasting of all games in the Internet and presentation on site.

Further Events will be held in Graz: 1st European Youth Chess Championship, Styrian Open, Austrian Team Chess Championship, Advances in Computer Games Conference (ICGA), Computer Olympiad (ICGA).

More information is available on the ICGA at Graz 2003 and the 8th Computer Olympiad sites.

Interestingly, the list of participants is missing some of the highest ranking programs such as Fritz, Hieracs, The King and Chess Tiger.

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World Computer Chess Championship

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