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Journal stoolpigeon's Journal: The first 5 minutes with an iPad 9

Work is using iPad mini tablets for a project. They gave me one so that I could better support the project.

I've been busy and out of town so this morning I finally got to unbox it and set it up. The box is nice. The tablet itself feels heavy. The instructions to set it up and feedback were awkward. There was a little spinner thing and sometimes it would be spinning so I'd sit and wait to see what was going to happen but nothing would happen. It was waiting for me to hit "next". The next button was not always in the same place.

Whenever I had to type something I realized that the iOS keyboard is horrendous. It is so very, very bad. I always hear that people can't use Android because it isn't quite polished enough. How does any person use that horrible iOS keyboard, if they are picky about things. You can't even tell if you are typing upper or lower case unless you look to see what color the little shift key is. Unreal.

And it apparently wont charge off my desktop or laptop because those usb ports don't send enough power. Really? I read that turning off the screen will allow it to charge very slowly. So that's what I've done.

How do people make such a big deal about this platform. I haven't even gotten around to actually using it and I already don't like it.

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The first 5 minutes with an iPad

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    • It's the apps.

      For instance, I am a musician and do recording. This (full size) iPad replaces a 19" rack of effects and recording tools, a giant amplifier and speaker cabinet. It is stage-manageable, unlike a laptop. Then? The whole studio setup are available anywhere, anytime.

      Android will compete with this? Yeah. Like Linux competes with Mac for performers and recorders. LOL. I actually do a lot with my Linux box for recording - but there are 1 or two great tools for me. Apple has a workshop full.

      • by rk ( 6314 )

        What are the apps you recommend for doing this with an iPad? I have an iPad, but I rarely use it, and wondered if I could really use it like a mobile recording studio.

        I truly don't get the hullaballoo about iOS vs. Android. Personally, I prefer Android, but to me the differences seem pretty esoteric, apart from any "killer" apps that one may have and the other doesn't.

        • Random list:
          SunizerXS and MIDISynth
          Funk Box

          JAM UP PRO. My "goto" effects for Bass.

  • by Chacham ( 981 ) *

    I'm tempted to get an ipad (after i get a job and have the money to purchase it), but every time i pick up one of these pad devices, i find myself at a loss for how to use it. It's like it's the exact opposite of a functional device, instead being flashy and smooth, and whatever.

    So why do i want an ipad? Well, it's a nice computer to run those nifty apps, and is more convenient than a laptop.

    Wait, wait, i'm rambling again.

    • by pudge ( 3605 ) * Works for Slashdot

      The iOS keyboard does suck, and the new one is worse, because the lines are thinner for the Retina displays, making them very difficult to really see quickly. And the new shift button ... I am still not sure which UI change is for shift, and which is for caps lock.

      And yes, there are other UI imperfections, but they aren't as bad IMO as Android UI problems, and once you get past those (or understand them) it's pretty good. Harping on the Next button being in different places as a terrible thing, when juxta

      • by Chacham ( 981 ) *

        Heh. I'm using my mac mini (to type this comment) with a "Windows" keyboard and mouse. Which many people to find more functional than the apple thin, no spaces stuff. Then again, apple keyboard functional is quite lacking.

        • by pudge ( 3605 ) * Works for Slashdot

          I dislike the Apple keyboard. I am using a Dell extended keyboard at work right now, on my MacBook. And two Dell external monitors. And a Logitech thumb trackball.

          Not a fan of Apple peripherals. I like their monitors, but not at that price.

          • by Chacham ( 981 ) *

            Not a fan of Apple peripherals. I like their monitors, but not at that price.


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