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Journal damn_registrars's Journal: Many Accidental Shootings Are Not Properly Classified 9

I've been pointing out for some time that irresponsible gun owners end up causing lots of deaths in this country. However a recent review finds that to make matters worse, many accidental (and preventable) deaths in this country are often misclassified in their final reports. Here's the review from the NY Times, which points out several cases that for most of us flew completely under the radar. Notice that the bulk of them involve irresponsible adults who couldn't be bothered to be the least bit sensible with their firearms. I highly doubt that anyone faced any proper criminal punishment for their wanton disregard for common sense safety.
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Many Accidental Shootings Are Not Properly Classified

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  • 270,000,000 guns in the US
    36,000 killed by guns in the US (being generous here)

    Comes out to about 0.013%

    Now, you seem to be into statistics, where's the problem? Why the obsession with this one issue? I could tell you where this is leading, but since you share the same problem [] as a few others here, I'm going let you all discuss amongst yourselves.

    • Finally gave the paper a thorough read. I think Solomon was correct:

    • I care about this issue because these deaths are 100% preventable. This number should be zero, but the gun culture in this country prevents it from being so. It doesn't matter what the ratio of guns in the country is versus accidental shootings (especially when you are making the statistical failure of comparing a time-dependent measurement to one that is time-independent) is, what matters is that we accept any accidental deaths at all.
      • I guess you don't know the meaning of 'accidental' (which by the way, reduces the number down to a little over 600, or about 0.00022% for your little ledger there). And you're very selective in your concern over human suffering. In other areas that you have brought up those people are statistically insignificant. In that context, for the sake of your argument, I shall do the same, because I know another, even larger group where not so accidental death is a 100% preventable, but you don't give shit about the

        • I guess you don't know the meaning of 'accidental' (which by the way, reduces the number down to a little over 600, or about 0.00022% for your little ledger there).

          If you actually read the article you'll notice they are discussing in particular the difference between shootings that are classified as accidental versus those that are classified as homicide and how they effect the numbers. If you want to try to make an argument that a young child is capable of murder, feel free to pose that argument.

          Now frankly I would say a better way to classify it would be criminally gross gun owner negligence but of course the gun lobby would never stand for such a category. The

          • If you want to try to make an argument that a young child is capable of murder...

            Now see, you've already gone off on a wild tangent that I didn't even imply, which makes this whole thing not worth the aggravation. But in case you are curious, yes, negligent homicide should apply to the owner/adult handler of the weapon, especially in these clear cut cases. That would be more than a bit obvious in a world not driven by political gamesmanship.

            In the 'you can stop pretending' department:
            The other thing was som

            • So now you've lowered yourself to simply making shit up. Are you really that bored? Being as you are claiming that a discussion between us happened that you can't actually be bothered to cite, I am left to presume that you are only imagining it having occurred. The lack of logic you have presented as of late supports that notion as well. If you are lacking in things to do, go seek relief for your boredom elsewhere.
              • * sigh []* ...However I do not personally see pot as being an important enough issue... I don't see the pot laws as being that oppressive...

                It's very obvious why you don't see, because you don't want to see, you choose to ignore the consequences. The three year olds killed in that context are off your radar.

                You just ain't worth the trouble to repeat this over again. You've confirmed everything. You're as phony as a three dollar bill. You must be pudge. No, actually pudge can argue when he's in the mood.

                Wake me

                • Your link didn't support your argument. Neither in factual representation of anything related to accidental death nor in your bizzare interpretation of statements that I made. Do you even have a point? It seems hard to believe that you could even convince yourself of that to be the case.

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