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Journal fustakrakich's Journal: Last week on "As Fustakrapich spins" 1

Studies show how people frame the world...

Part Deux:

Our faculties are usually put to the task of trying to defend what we already believe, not towards developing a better understanding of the world...

Huge reams of psychological research show this is just how the human brain works...

That's one reason politicians love to talk about religion, because they don't have to prove anything... Trying to figure out what some silent, mythical god wants us to do is a fool's errand. That god is always and forever going to want what the person speaking for him wants him to want, and nothing else.

"motivated reasoning"

Note: This JE also focuses on the power of distraction. Shh, let's listen in...

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Last week on "As Fustakrapich spins"

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  • . . .that all frames can never be roughly correct, due to their framiness?
    (a) How, if that is close to your view, would it escape being a frame, itself, and
    (b) What do you suppose would exist in a fuzzy-edged, post-framed Nirvana?
    In general, I suspect you're just another post-Modern, anti-rationalist spitballer, and this theory explains the bulk of your /.ing, but it's just a theory.

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