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Journal DarkEdgeX's Journal: United States

Whoo, I really hate this fucking country. Let's see, recession that lasts longer than most and with an administration that's not nearly as caring as most (extend unemployment benefits, pshaw right, why do that, let's let people go into debt!). Now that the recession is supposedly over and the economy is making a rebound, let's continue to allow corporations to off-shore high technology jobs overseas to India and elsewhere. What a great plan, this way now that the economy has started to try and reverse course we can have zero jobs to go with it!

I'd leave this country and go elsewhere, but my general impression is that all countries suffer from the same problem-- government. It's always good when a few people who are "elected" are given powers over millions (and paid quite nicely to boot!). Of course these elections are participated in by less than half of the population (especially true in the United States), but hey, why put laws in to halt elections if a majority of the population appears to be displeased enough to not even vote. Let's elect whoever gets the majority anyways, afterall, 50% of 40% is better than nothing right?

I think I wish I'd been born in another 400-500 years. I can't imagine it getting any worse that far ahead.

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