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Journal ahem's Journal: The last five months

Remarkable. Where have the last five months gone? Oh, right. That new job, new baby thing.

So, I did get the job at Netflix, and I'm really enjoying it a lot. There's a lot to do, but there is a deeply rooted common interest in making sure that we focus on the important stuff, not the busywork. Can't really avoid it, since there's no time to do busywork with all of the projects that directly affect the bottom line.

On top of the new job and baby, we've also moved from San Francisco to the south bay. Instead of our commutes being 45-50 minutes with a big variance for traffic and weather, we each now have 15-20 minutes of low variance commuting. Over the course of a year, it's like having an extra two weeks. It's already come in handy in trying to settle in to the new place. We moved in at the end of September, and still have a few boxes here and there that need to be unloaded and broken down.

While a lot of what is going on is tiring, it's tiring in a good way. I feel very fortunate in the opportunities I've been able to pursue and the breaks that I've gotten.

Well, hopefully I'll remember to check in more often. Then again, why should I be any better with /. than with my own family?

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The last five months

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