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Journal smittyoneeach's Journal: Boortz on ObamaCare 22

Highly realist
While I agree that the Democrats are really only pursuing the demolition of our existing system, to pave the way for Single Prayer, the Dems may not want to look too incompetent while blowing up what used to be a world-class system.
To keep the mask in place a little longer, the Dems may want to bump a year to the right, or risk too great an economic blowback. The Dems need to hurt the electorate, but can't afford to enrage voters.
Thus we get all of this dishonest theater, but with a reasonable end: the voters get to figure out for 2014 if they are dumb enough to trust and empower the GOP to stake that vampire in the heart.

And here is a link to the competing GOP proposal, which, per the Holy Narrative, does not exist. If you're one of those who needs to maintain the fiction that there are no other ideas besides ObamaCare afoot, do not click that link. I do not want to be responsible for any injuries incurred while encountering truth.
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Boortz on ObamaCare

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  • Once again you and I are not that far apart...

    While I agree that the Democrats are really only pursuing the demolition of our existing system, to pave the way for Single Prayer

    Here what you perceive to be the reality of the situation is close to what I wish were the case. However there is no good reason to believe that any democrat is still trying to get a single payer (was that "r" that you included in payer on purpose or not?) system. The democrats are still the same legislative cowards that they have been ever since being labeled "un-American" after 9/11, they are more concerned with how the media portrays them than they are co

    • Do you really want Single Prayer? It's a proven historical failure in the USSR and England.
      And, given the non-scalability of people, we can expect to explore new realms of suck in such an environment.
      Then again, maybe Logan's Run was actually a prophecy.
      • Do you really want Single Prayer?

        I'm going to guess you didn't make the same typo twice.

        To answer your question, yes, I do want single payer. You know, like the rest of the industrialized world. I'm tired of being repeatedly fucked over by for-profit ventures who seek to deny me what I paid for. I'm tired of seeing premiums go up, services go down, co-pays go up, and available options go down, all while CEOs of health insurance companies continue to reap annual "bonuses" that would make a professional baseball player blush.

        It's a proven historical failure in the USSR

        The gov

        • Yeah, my German wife will cheerfully explain that The. Grass. Isn't. Greener, in Germany or the UK, where she worked for extended stretches.
          Your attention is drawn to the brilliant Daniel Hannan [].
    • by Arker ( 91948 )

      I am certainly not one of these semi-mythical elites you are worried about, and I never was. But I had much better access to health care in 1975 paying myself than I do today with a plan. I dont want Obamacare and I dont want some look-alike plan cooked up by the RINOs either, I want my basic human right to seek health care without interference.

      • Why do you H8 fairness? If the government isn't making everyone not in the government club miserable, then how can it be fair?
      • I want my basic human right to seek health care without interference.

        If you mean you want to be able to purchase health care without having to purchase health insurance, you'll have to go live in another country. No government in this country will ever, ever shut down the insurance industry. The industry that has the largest number of lawmakers on their payroll isn't defense, banking, automotive, entertainment, or pharma. The industry that has paid for the largest number of lawmakers is the health insurance industry. They buy lawmakers from both sides of the aisle in

  • This is what you cough up? Your side disinfects it with chlorine, and the other side with ammonia. Not very 'small government' of you... What do you offer to the uninsured? Community service? Hard labor? Chain gang? Your republican sect would have done much better if they had kept the evangelist dixiecrats out after the passage of the voting rights act. That Southern Strategy just won't do. I do have to admit, your illusion of opposition is still very effective at keeping the present power structure in plac

    • I know, the whole notion of the government responding in any way to the people is anathema to you, but there it is.
      • I don't know where you get that idea. That's not what the people want. Obama was voted in under the premise we would get a better system, but once again the government ends up responding to the industry with the deepest pockets. If the government responded to the people, we wouldn't be in this predicament of giving 85 bil a month to Wall Street, and big time fraudsters would actually be punished instead of rewarded. Your GOP plan is hardly different at all from the the dems. Both plans exist to protect exis

        • Obama was voted in under the premise we would get a better system

          A litmus test for any notion, irrespective of party, is whether the proposal redistributes power, or wealth.
          Anything useful falls in the former category, in line with the ideals upon which the country is founded.
          Anyone who thought blending academic Marxism with proven Chicago thuggery WASN'T going to suck stands revealed as simple.

  • For my entire lifetime of 42 years. I fail to see how state sponsored monopolies will improve that.

  • I clicked the link to your GOP alternative proposal. Color me unimpressed.

    First of all, I will point out that the Health Insurance Bailout Act of 2010 was passed in 2010. The republicans have had more than 3 years for a do-over and this is all they can come up with?

    That said, it doesn't really do much. Much of what is in this is already in the bill that they so desperately want to kill.
    • Article 1 - just kills the Bailout Act, and does nothing else.
    • Article 2 - is a tax cut for buying health insura

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