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Journal Zemran's Journal: SuSE 9

So SuSE 9 came out and my copy was delivered promptly. I am a SuSE advocate and admit my bias. I tend to buy every other version rather than religiously getting each release but this time, although I have 8.2 I thought that this was something new. I mean to say, it had a new number.

Well I was wrong. It was really SuSE 8.3 with a bit of a spelling mistake on the box. I like it, it is good (like 8.2 was) but it is not a significant change. I use on-line update and think that there is nothing in SuSE 9 that could not have been supplied using the on-line update.

I do not like to grumble too much (OK, anyone that knows me will know that I love to grumble :) but I feel like I have been had. In the blurb they go on about how much they have done to improve the upgrade procedures for those switching from Windows to Linux... but are they doing this at the expense of their loyal followers who already have Linux on board?

I think it is fair for me to rant as I have been an advocate of SuSE since v5 and some of my friends have become SuSE users (therefore generated sales). I have stuck up for them against many who object to YAST etc... I think that they should always return that support by considering their loyal supporters. Calling this an new version when the main changes are for Windows users indicates that they see new users as more important than loyal users. OK, maybe I am going to far but that is how this release has made me feel even if it is not how they intend it.

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