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Journal Jack William Bell's Journal: Not all that is Sterling is precious 2

Some time ago SF writer Bruce Sterling gave up his blog on my friend Eileen Gunn's webzine Infinite Matrix in order to start a new blog for Wired magazine. This trend towards subsidized blogs is an interesting one and I hope it brings enough value to continue (and perhaps be extended to 'regular' bloggers like myself).

Well, after nearly two months of waiting, Sterling's new blog Beyond the Beyond is finally up -- and so far I am underwhelmed. His old blog, Schism Matrix suffered from Sterling only posting once a day (weekdays only) although the links and commentary were usually pretty damn good. 'Beyond' seems to be following the same format with the addition of pictures.

However 'Beyond' is also butt ugly, the first week's worth of posts are a bit boring and the blogroll is narcissistic. Not an auspicious debut...

None the less I am going to add 'Beyond' to my own blogroll in the hope that things will improve once Sterling hits his stride. I am also going to watch Wired Blogs to see where they are going with it. Wired certainly doesn't seem to be putting much in the way of money or design sense into the effort, even the hosting and software is provided through a partnership with Tripod's new blogging service. Are they going to add other 'A-List' or 'name writer' bloggers? Are they going to have some of their regular columnists start blogs? Are they going seek for new voices of some kind?

Time will tell on the whole thing I guess. In the meantime you will probably want to check out 'Beyond', after all your mileage may vary.

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Not all that is Sterling is precious

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