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Journal GreyWolf3000's Journal: My thoughts on Gentoo 10

For the past few months, my .sig has read,

Sick of gentoo zealots throwing plugs in completely unrelated topics? Me too!

Now, many people take offense to this. They feel I'm either attacking Gentoo itself (which I'm not), or that I'm unfairly targeting Gentoo zealots (over the myriad of other types of zealots).

My feelings on Gentoo are simple: it's a cool distribution, it's well maintained, and most of it's users are pretty cool. However, there are a bunch of zealots that like unleash their enthusiasm where it isn't appropriate.

I rarely go out looking for Gentoo zealots to pick on, and my .sig is more of a passive form of resistance than anything else.

Anyways, if you got here because of my .sig, I do not apologize if I offended you in any way. I don't feel I'm being unfair in targetting specifically Gentoo. Gentoo zealots have made me cringe at hearing the words "compile from source." Furthermore, I'm really sick of mindless Gentoo zealots suggesting that Gentoo "gives" users more control. Knowledge gives you control, not a distribution. And lack of knowledge is also why Gentoo zealots seem to think Gentoo is so much better than everything else.

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My thoughts on Gentoo

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  • Just so you know where I'm coming from.. I started with Linux back in the 1.0 slackware days, and I've dealt with openBSD installs, and other OS installs that I'd consider pretty difficult.

    I thought I've give gentoo a try based on all the fans.. but I have to admit I was turned off by the lack of install tools and the seemingly vast times it takes to get a relatively full-featured system up and running.

    Am I missing something? Where are the "fast" install docs?

    Why doesn't the gentoo install documentation
    • Heh, it's always been a bitch to install compared to other distributions.

      I don't know too much about the installation of Gentoo, as I've never actually installed it, but I have built LFS [] on many an occasion, which takes even more work.

      In the end, I personally just like a lightweight distribution with a simple package management system that stays out of my way.

  • I thought you were yourself a Gentoo zealot, and were using your sig to get in a plug, while jokingly decrying the practice. I thought it was rather cleaver.
    • Heh, there has to be a word for that... when someone misconstrues you as more clever than you meant to be. :)
      • There is a word for what I thought Greywolf was doing, but I can't rember what it is. It's a rhetotical device for introducing something into the conversation, by claiming not to. As if I would say, "Not to suggest that his being an LFS user has anything to do with his love of cabbage, but..."

        As to the other, I've long relied on people to take me as more cleaver than I am, so I guess I'm quick to suspect others!
        • Hows this,

          I am not clever enough to use a .sig to prove that I am clever.

          Think about it. If I am telling the truth, then I'm making a jab at people who use their .sigs to show off their wittiness. In which case, I am being witty. Hence, I am not telling the truth, because I clearly am using my .sig to prove that I am clever.

        • I don't wanna sound gay or nuthin... :)

          (You've got to see the movie Orgasmo if you don't get it)
    • Of course that's what I meant. Forget the journal entry heh.
  • Sorry for the off-topic post but in your more recent journal entry you've added:
    Update: forgot to enable comments ;P
    but comments are still not enabled

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