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Journal Jack William Bell's Journal: All about Lutefisk

I spent my High School years here in the Seattle area, in the days before Microsoft, Amazon and Starbucks. Back then Boeing was king and one rite of passage for young men was going to a dance at the Sons of Norway hall and (this was extra points) eating some Lutefisk without puking. (Note that you didn't have to be a son of Norway to go to a Sons of Norway dance, there were plenty of that sort around and they would always invite their friends. Probably so they could laugh uproarously when their friends tried the Lutefisk)

Now some of you are wondering 'What the hell is Lutefisk?' I urge you to browse the google for edification. The rest of you already know and are probably sniggering at the thought of a teenage Jack screwing up his courage to either ask the tall blonde in the red dress to dance or to down a cracker full of a nasty, gelatinous, fishlike substance. And wondering which will have the worst immediate result...

What made me think about all this was this Ode to Lutefisk and its comprehensive instructions for how to eat the stuff. Although I am not certain it really does taste like Python (the snake, not the language), partly because if Python tastes that bad I don't want to find out.

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All about Lutefisk

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