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Journal EnlightenmentFan's Journal: SCO declares "Law of Gravity" void

The SCO Group intensified its war against Linux today, issuing this public statement:

The "law of gravity", for which Isaac Newton claimed credit, is in serious violation of our rights. Secret details hidden deep in our software will, if we ever choose to reveal them, prove that we own prior rights to this so-called "law."

Therefore, all parties making use of said "law of gravity" without paying compensation to SCO, are violating the US Constitution, as well as copyright, antitrust and export control laws.

Lawsuits against Isaac Newton and his heirs are in progress.

City officials in Newton, Massachusetts, and attorneys for Nabisco's Fig Newton division, acknowledged receipt for demands from SCO for unspecified damages.

Slashdot readers chose to look on the bright side. Said EnlightenmentFan, "If the law of gravity is uneforceable, I won't have to shell out money for airplane tickets."
[Note: I thought fellow Slashdotters might enjoy this, from my blog.

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SCO declares "Law of Gravity" void

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