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Journal mr100percent's Journal: Woman drives car into Bush rally building 2

It seems a 29-year-old woman sped past police and Secret Service, and drove her car into the side of the building where President Bush was inside at a rally. Seems close. Of course the Secret Service is saying "He was never in danger," but I think its just spin. Imagine a car bomb driven by a suicide bomber.

Just how weak is presidential security anyways? A small Cessna plane smashed into the White House window when Clinton was in office, 9/11 showed us that the White House was woefully unequipped to handle a plane attack, and now a "potential terrorist" could get this close to Mr. Bush with a car full of stuff? Yikes. Seems LA Times is calling them on how close it was, though the Secret Service is downplaying the matter.

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Woman drives car into Bush rally building

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  • A small Cessna plane smashed into the White House window when Clinton was in office

    Now, back here on Earth, in reality:

    Violations of the forbidden airspace between the Potomac River and the White House are relatively rare, but in September 1994 a light plane gliding with its engine off crashed on the White House

    lawn and slid up to the mansion, killing the pilot but not harming President Clinton or his family.

    From this story: []
    Small plane briefly enters White House airspace

    • Ok, so he missed. Did you ever read Debt of Honor by Tom Clancy? He had a scenario where a 747 smashed into the capitol building, killing the president and most of congress. That's what reminded me of this, we could have been hit much worse.

      Ok, back to reality (since that's what your topic haughtily implies). Do you know how weak the defenses around the White House were? Who was asleep at the bazooka on the roof when that light plane crashed into it? On 9/11 the white house still appeared vulnerable. It s

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