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Journal Jeremiah Cornelius's Journal: USDA: US Rural Population Needed For Cannon Fodder 4

Why does he go to bed at night trying to figure out how to increase farmers? How do the President and other cabinet members view Vilsack's role as the nation's farming czar? What could be the most important contribution that increasing farmers could offer to the nation? Better food? Better soil development? Better care for animals? Better care for plants?

Are you ready? Here's his answer: although rural America only has 16 percent of the population, it gives 40 percent of the personnel to the military. Say what? You mean when it's all said and done, at the end of the day, the bottom line -- you know all the cliches -- the whole reason for increasing farms is to provide cannon fodder for American imperial might. He said rural kids grow up with a sense of wanting to give something back, and if we lose that value system, we'll lose our military might.

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USDA: US Rural Population Needed For Cannon Fodder

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  • although i scoured facebook i couldn't find the article's original text. lack of a link to the source is deceiving. many things i read online are lies or delusion. but i realize source linking is not a proof positive either. i am no exception about lies online, though most was delusion or echoed my feeling and not facts... point is polyface farms doesn't have the 'attributed' source article. []
    this lowers them to fox news level of reporting. i mean really you can't link ba

  • It could have something to do with the number of farmers that went belly up over the last 25 years due to the bank loans pushed on them that they couldn't possibly pay off. The farm gets sold to: a bigger farmer accumulating smaller farms at great prices. Sometimes the small farmer continues to work for the big farmer, sometimes not. Little farmer runs off to the big city and gets an industrial job. Big farmer has more land now, more land than he can comfortably work.
    Even with hirelings, some land goes fal

    • Agreed. If you look at the broader context and thrust of the original blogger, these are all the issues he addresses, and are core to his agenda.

      Check out Wendell Berry [] on Agrarianism. Pretty good stuff. If a noble, doomed endeavour.

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        the problem runs deep indeed. i have been places and seen and heard things that i can barely remember. problem is i was pushing my mind to its limits daily with little sleep. i don't know how much was real, how much was from not consuming sugar, or if stevia really was what pushed me over the edge. i really looked at my life, and it wasn't pretty but i knew that and was in denial. but when the world tried to break me it was the world that seemed to shatter, not me. i am so out of sync with technology they t

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