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Journal enigma48's Journal: Decision Time

While the last journal was only written about 2 hours ago, I've been struggling with this decision for the past 24 hours.

The argument I've settled to decide is a pretty simple one now - with all the demands on my time, can I do a decent job? I know a few people who can do 50 hour weeks in their sleep but I am definately not one of them.

In reality, I would likely survive the next few months but I wouldn't be prepared for class. I wouldn't be able to google for helpful aids, spend time with my current computer students when they have trouble with the next assignment. I also completely forgot about a few other demands on my time/energy - I may survive it but everyone I'd work with would suffer :).

So, time to bite the bullet and quit my retail job. The people working there are wonderful and I admit this will be embarrassing as hell. "Big picture"-wise, this is a necessary choice.

Besides, the average student debt in Canada is $20,000 and while I'm slightly over that, a few extra dollars while I burn out ain't gonna do much. The time will hopefully do me wonders.

Wish me luck.

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Decision Time

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