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Journal enigma48's Journal: Dilemma - no, not that song

So this week has been a little busier than most.

A) I picked up a part-time job a couple weeks ago with a former employer ("old job"), just to save up a little more cash for Teachers College.

B) On a whim, I applied for a part-time teaching job. On monday my resume went in, tuesday we arranged an interview, wednesday was the interview and thursday the job was offered to me (starting this monday).

C) I'm still a TA for my Introduction to Computers class.

D) I've postponed my trip to Ottawa to check out their Teachers College indefinately - damn.

E) Finishing up putting together a K6-450 computer for dad.

The really fun part? The new job (I've accepted the offer, now we talk about the low wage and contract) COMPLETELY conflicts with the course I TA for. In order to make this work, I need to reschedule all my labs and office hours - inconviencing many students and probably deeply offending a few.

On top of that, I need to either quit my 'old' job or reschedule my availability there. They won't be fond of either choice. If I decide to stay and things get very difficult in November (2 20hr/week jobs, 1 10hr/week TA commitment, 1 university course + exam, 10hr/week driving) then I'll likely end up having to quit that job. Did I mention they are a retail operation? I'm in a very small department - losing me in November would hurt them *plenty*.

This new opportunity is amazing - I'll be teaching people who have to change careers because of injuries, class sizes are *very* small (2-4 people), etc. I won't have to spend much time managing behavioural issues and I'll actually be *teaching*. Lesson plans, tests, everything. A little scary but an excellent way of getting my feet wet without drowning.

But in the worst case scenario, I quit my retail job, rearrange my TA responsibilities (causing students immense difficulties) and then this job may not work out. I'll still have my health, but everything else is shot to hell!

The one decision I really need to make is do I keep the retail job or not. If this teaching position doesn't work out, I'm effectively out of work until next year (good luck finding many jobs very close to Christmas or in the first quarter next year).

There is one other question I'm completely avoiding: if I have to choose between TA'ing and this new job... eek. There are so many angles it hurts. (Which is better for my application to Teachers College, TA pays more but has fewer hours, new job is a great way to see if I could be a teacher, etc)

I'm open to any suggestions - selfless (offer students free help on saturdays for their inconvience) or selfish (keep both jobs, dump the retail one in november and laugh at the soon-to-be-overwhelmed-fools!).

Anyone got a crystal ball I can use? Doesn't need to be a deluxe model, just something good for 1-2 months in the future.

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Dilemma - no, not that song

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