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Journal leoaugust's Journal: Most recent 24 of my 90 comments

90. Valenti has eaten crow in past & will eat it a
Saturday October 11, @10:47AM
attached to 142 Directors Appeal MPAA to Repeal Screener Ban

89. Cooperate ... within the legal process ...
Sunday October 05, @07:07PM
Replies:1 Score:3, Interesting
attached to Charter Cable Sues To Quash RIAA Subpoenas

88. Cool can be manufactured 4 segment of the market
Saturday October 04, @09:20AM
Replies:2 Score:1
attached to Microsoft Wants to Project "Cool" Image

87. When will the find that culprit butterfly ....
Thursday October 02, @07:53AM
Score:3, Funny
attached to Earth Simulator Now Predicting Hurricanes?

86. Thanks Re:Trillian wasn't merely blocked -
Saturday September 27, @05:59AM
attached to Yahoo Messenger Blocks Outside IM Clients

85. Too late too little ..... from the closet Bill Gat
Tuesday September 16, @01:54PM
Replies:2 Score:2, Insightful
attached to Sun Tries Subscription Software Pricing

84. Yes they shouRe:Too bad Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. don't
Monday September 15, @04:12PM
Score:3, Insightful
attached to PGP Universal - Usable Email Security?

83. Re:Commercial App part Re:not very good "prior art
Saturday September 13, @06:06PM
Score:4, Interesting
attached to Can Lotus Notes R3 Prior Art Save The Browser?

82. Commercial App part Re:not very good "prior art"
Saturday September 13, @05:42PM
Replies:2 Score:1
attached to Can Lotus Notes R3 Prior Art Save The Browser?

81. THEY use the RIAA approach ....
Saturday September 06, @05:53AM
attached to Congress Again Considering Database Protection Bill

80. Electronic Networks are Persistent SociRe:Omission
Friday September 05, @02:50PM
attached to Public Net-work

79. Who can digest more pain - Consumer or RIAA
Thursday September 04, @02:16PM
Replies:1 Score:1
attached to RIAA Sales Compared to Download Statistics

78. Is this going to be the Eighth Wonder of the World
Sunday August 31, @12:23PM
Replies:4 Score:3, Insightful
attached to Japan, China & South Korea May Develop OS

77. $300 per prize - is it too little ?
Saturday August 30, @06:00PM
Replies:5 Score:4, Interesting
attached to Dotgnu Coding Competition

76. Blood Diamonds - Does RIAA have blood on its hands
Tuesday August 26, @02:51PM
Replies:1 Score:2, Informative
attached to Diamonds & the RIAA

75. Re:Bad design 4 Security - Bad 4 Servicing ...
Monday August 25, @04:14PM
attached to Windows Is 'Insecure By Design,' Says Washington Post

74. Do most filmgoers REALLY know when Science is bad
Monday August 25, @04:02PM
attached to Sci-Fi Movies and 'Bad Science'

73. Bad design 4 Security - Bad 4 Servicing ...
Sunday August 24, @08:04PM
Replies:10 Score:3, Interesting
attached to Windows Is 'Insecure By Design,' Says Washington Post

72. To Divide or To Unite - Does Money Decide ??
Saturday August 23, @07:19AM
Replies:2 Score:3, Interesting
attached to Canadian Telcos Agree on WiFi Hotspot Standard

71. The "Process" of "Gaming Journalism"
Friday August 22, @03:13PM
attached to On Videogame Journalism

70. Real Cause:Virtual Effect :: Virtual Cause:Real
Thursday August 21, @01:25PM
Replies:2 Score:2, Interesting
attached to Designing Virtual Worlds

69. So, now MS will make me Schizophrenic ....
Wednesday August 20, @08:20PM
Replies:3 Score:3, Funny
attached to MSN Messenger Access To Be Restricted

68. Game vision personal enough to be universal ....
Wednesday August 20, @01:45PM
Score:5, Insightful
attached to Masters of Doom

67. AOL Justification is weak weak weak ...
Tuesday August 19, @06:35PM
Replies:1 Score:2, Interesting
attached to FCC Lifts AOL IM Limits
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Most recent 24 of my 90 comments

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