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Journal phyxeld's Journal: Gnutella 6

I haven't used a p2p net in quite some time, and I needed to get a song this morning. So I installed gtk-gnutella on my debian box, and am now happily running it over X forwarding to my mac. I have pretty fast DSL, and a lot of music, so I opened a port on my firewall and configured gtk-gnutella to be an "ultra peer", whatever that means. My intent is to share some files while I'm downloading. For some reason, try as I might, I can't seem to do that. I've downloaded about a hundred files now, at least 10 of which are good (heh), but my upload count is still zero. I have 25gb shared, but nobody is downloading. I'm pretty sure something is misconfigured on my end, but I don't know what. Suggestions?

Also, what are some other good p2p (gnutella or other) clients for mac or linux? On the rare occasions that I use em, I usually use gtk-gnutella or Xnap, but I'd like to find something better.

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  • I've, ah, heard that Acquisition [macupdate.com] is a good mac client to acquire. Ahem.
    • It's alright. Last time I tried it it seemed a bit unstable, but that seems to be the case now with gtk-gnutella also...

      At least people are downloading from me now :)
  • I have the same problem... I'm not often on P2P networks, but if I am I share what I have. Nobody ever downloads my music. I also thought of misconfiguration, and searched and looked and searched again. I didn't find a damned thing. (Apart from the fact that you know that another person behind a firewall will never be able to download your songs because behind a firewall you rely on "push").

    Then I got the brilliant idea of sharing some pr0n. You know what.... the downloads started to get in, so many

    • Then I got the brilliant idea of sharing some pr0n. You know what.... the downloads started to get in, so many that I actually pulled the pr0n again. So try to share some "4N3L PR3T33N 4CT10N" (well, it doesn't have to be that, just name it that way) and see if your config works.

      Just be careful what you're sharing -- you don't want the police to come pay you a visit. Trust me on this one. :-(

      • I trust you on that one... I said it has only to be named that way. That's really more than enough. Heck you could share a movie of your grandma sleeping on the bench named "kiddie pr0n", seriously ;-)
  • I was wondering the same thing when I installed kAzAaA lItE this past summer. It was my first experience with p2p and by coincidence I was working on ripping my whole CD collection so I thought, might as well move my stuff over to the shared folder until I was able to burn stuff.

    For the first week or so I got no uploads. Well, maybe I did. I figured out later that if you keep it on the download/upload page the tracks would disappear on their own after a while. But I was thinking, I like weird music, but th

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